My Garden: 2007 Rhododendrons and Native Azaleas grown here around Charlotte

Rhododendrons in My Garden: 2008


David Royster
Charlotte, NC

This was to be the beginning of a new garden.  Rhododendrons and azaleas and others were planted. Also with more sun, we planted daylilies. New beds planned and planted.  We will see what happens.  There may be plants mislabeled due the handiwork of squirrels and cats and dogs and general miscommunication when transplanting cuttings.  If you see any plants that you know to be mislabeled, please email me. 

April 2008 (11 images) A few annuals, azaleas and two rhododendron flowers
May 2008 (3 images) Not much going on in the garden this spring. The plants are too new.
June 2008 (10 images) More sun means more daylilies and a gardenia.
July 2008 (3 images) The heat of the summer plays havoc with the lifespan of the flowers.

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