My Garden: 2006

Rhododendrons and Native Azaleas grown here around Charlotte

Rhododendrons in My Garden: 2006

David Royster
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Piedmont Chapter, American Rhododendron Society
Charlotte, NC

I have been traveling a great amount this year and will not have the ability to add as many pictures as in the past.  These are pictures taken in my garden.  There may be plants mislabeled due the handiwork of squirrels and cats and dogs and general miscommunication when transplanting cuttings.  If you see any plants that you know to be mislabeled, please email me. 
March 2006 (19 images)  
April 2006 (19 images) Being out of town means that I will not have many pictures this year.  Maybe next year I will have more to add.
May 2006 (6 images) Five images from my plants but there are many, many images from the ARS Convention Tours and a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway/Skyline Drive in Virginia.
Tours of Maryland gardens on May 13-14, 2006


Blue Ridge Parkway Trip
Trip down Blue Ridge Parkway from Fort Royall to Charlottesville on May 28, 2006 - Memorial Day weekend
June 2006 (6 images) I was in town for only short times in June, missing most of the best blooms.
July 2006 (18 images) Back in town permanently with the appropriate Summer flowers
October 2006 (4 images) Warm weather in October lends itself to some nice blooms on Encore azaleas.

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