My Garden: 2004 Rhododendrons and Native Azaleas grown here around Charlotte

Rhododendrons in My Garden: 2004

Rhododendron hyperythrum on Feb 26 and on Apr 04. (You can guess which is which.)

David Royster
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Piedmont Chapter, American Rhododendron Society
Charlotte, NC

These are pictures taken in my garden.  There may be plants mislabeled due the handiwork of squirrels and cats and dogs and general mislabeling.  If you see any plants that you know to be mislabeled, please email me. 

February 2004 (7 images)  
March 2004 (10 images)  
April 2004 (51 images)  
May 2004 (22 images)  
June 2004 (1 image)  
July 2004 (9 images)  
August 2004 (7 images)  
November 2004 (10 images) No, they are not supposed to be blooming now and you can see that it is not always a pretty sight.

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